Monday, November 3, 2014

Just Playing Around

I think this should have actually been titled "Misc. pictures of the horses today" but I decided that "Just Playing Around" would maybe fit better.

Tucker is thriving here. Even though he is a gelding, he has taken the stallion role of protecting Rosie and Half Pint. He will not let Ollie near them, he "snakes" the mini's, herds them, and will just stand and watch them. Over the past 5 days, the formerly abused, extremely insecure mini that you couldn't catch in the pasture has changed drastically. With now being the "stallion" he has a new sense of courage and security. he will come galloping when he see's you come to the pasture.
Miniature horse therapy. :)
However, I do feel bad for Ollie, who is snubbed when he comes to see the female mini's. Tucker screams, tucks in his head at a perfect vertical angle, mane and tail flying, and with  floating trot, will come charging at Ollie with pinned ears, the turn around and all Ollie gets is a face full of tail hair. Poor guy. However, he has started to fight back, with pinned ears and sometimes Tucker will get bit hard. It is really cool to watch the herd dynamics, even though Tucker considers Ollie a bachelor who could steal his mares. :) On to the pictures!!

Okay, when I show you pictures without makeup it means I really trust you all......please don't mock me!

Give me treats!!! 

My special baby. 

I was sitting on the ground, and Ollie decided to join me. What a sweetie!!!
My kindred spirit. 

Love this photo below of none other than Rosie!!

Just for laughs, here are some Ollie photo-bombs. Look at the expression in his eyes!!



  1. Wow! So cool!

    Just so you know, you still look just a gorgeous & stunning as ever without makeup! ;)

    1. Thank you so much for saying that!!! :)


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