Monday, November 11, 2013

Aspen and Flurry

Christmas a drawing near, and so, the new Breyer models for the holiday season start to show. I have already shown you the 2013 Christmas horse, but now Breyer has released a glossy Classic Draft horse named "Flurry".

Sadly, this mold isn't used much. I am very fond of the Classic Draft horse, because the first Classic I bought with my own money when I was seven was in this mold. I forgot what I named him, and after about a year I traded him because he wouldn't stand very well. I miss that horse now.
There's also another a new model up for grabs on the Collector Club...
Brishen mold~ this mold is new for 2013
I really like this mold...but not the color and besides, I am not even in the Collector club! (Although I probably should be)!!
And introducing...
equine horse

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