Saturday, November 2, 2013

My favorite grulla

So, I have tried many times to customize horses, and has failed more than once. Of course, you need a lot of tools to properly remake a model horse, which really adds up for a person who can't make a annual income yet but a few I have managed to complete.
Royal blood~ a commission for a friend of mine.

                                         Indigo, part of my own show string.

Yet, one day, I want to paint a grulla horse. It is one of the harder and more complicated colors for a model person to paint, but hey, everyone has to try, right?

This is the prettiest grulla horse I have ever seen. It's name is Reining in Diamonds, "Cricket" for short, and it is owned by Shining C Grulla Horses. She is a beautiful girl who is currently in foal to Black Tie Gunner.   
......wouldn't it be cool to paint a  (model) horse that looks just like this???

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  1. You have extreme talent, i thought the horse was almost real! that is how good your painted sculpture is. i think you can easily paint a grulla horse, you seem to have a talent for that!


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