Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Frigid Weather

Today is one of those days when it is just too cold. The frost is on the tress, snow on the ground, bunnies hiding in their little tunnels with fur all puffed up. Birds sit on tree branches and watch me walk by. It is just complete...

Then all quietness breaks with a loud whinny coming from the barn. I instinctively know what that sound means. It is a polite way of saying:  "I want my food!!" But I like to think of it as a sweet greeting. "Ah, Half Pint, you little cutie."
 Half Pint

Anyway, I have been busy with customizing yet another Breyer horse. I am 95% done, and I hope to have the horse out soon. I have had that foal for six months!! I gave him a unicorn horn, and a new tail. He is also complete with mapping on his legs! It is a precious looking horse. While I don't collect decorators, I don't think I would mind having the little guy on my shelf next to my other Classic foals.

Just look at that little tail!!
Anyway, I hope to post tomorrow.... busy with Superbowl preparations. If all goes well, I will be dressing the minis up in Bronco colors! Stay tuned!

~CBL (Colorado Breyer/Bronco Lover)

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~CBL (Colorado Breyer Lover)