Monday, January 27, 2014

Therapy Horses of Gentle Carousel

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So, today I was going to do a post on the special models at Breyerfest, but I came across The Gentle Carousel horses (who own Magic and Hamlet, two mini's Breyer just did portraits of) and I fell right in love. As the proud owner of two miniature horses myself, I couldn't help but posting about them today. That special Breyer post will just have to wait. I have always thought that therapy would be a good hobby for my mini's, but this website just sealed the deal.

Here is the link to the website, if you want to check it out:

***Note: all pictures are taken off of the Gentle Carousel Therapy website.****
Here are some of the mini's they use for therapy.



Silver Sovereign


How adorable!!!! I think one day, down the road, I will train either both or just one of my mini's to be therapy horses. And who knows, maybe ten years from now, I can start an organization of therapy minis.

My ten year old miniature horse, Rosie.

~CBL (Colorado Breyer Lover)


  1. Very cool, Alyssa. I have no doubt if you really work hard you will get them certified as therapy horses. When I had surgery in 2008 I signed a document saying I would welcome a visit from a therapy dog during my 4 day stay. None came by, but I would have loved it if they had!

    Oh, and gee whiz info...I'm a 'miss' not a 'mrs'. Never been married. Jennifer is a 'mrs' though. :-)

  2. Oh, sorry about that. I changed the Mrs. to Ms. for you. Therapy dog!? How about a therapy horse! ; D


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