Thursday, January 30, 2014

Peter Stones

So, as much as I love Breyer horses, I really covet Peter Stones. The thing is, I don't have any of them. But I like to search the websites looking for some that maybe, one day, I can have the money to buy. Here are some of my favorites.

They have the Stone horse site under construction, so the company put up a temporary site to look at the beautiful models.

New Releases

Declaration of War - Bay Roan ISH
Declaration of War-Bay roan ISH  $225.00
Infamy - Morgan
Infamy-Morgan- $289.99
Bristol Bulldog - Gray WE
Bristol Bulldog-Grey WE- $119.99

2014 Stone Horse line

Spumoni - 2014 Pebbles
Spumoni-2014 Pebbles scale- $49.99

Orange Saffron - 2014 Morgan
Orange Saffron-2014 Morgan-$79.99

Toasted Coconut - 2014 WE
Toasted Coconut-2014 WE- 59.99

My favorite out of all of them is probably the Declaration of War horse. I don't really like the Arabian Stones...they have some wonky heads....or so it seems like in all of the pictures. But, it might be just me. I actually haven't seen one in "real" life.


P.S. Pacific Pintos (A miniature horse breeder) has one of her mares due tonight. What is better is that she has Mare Stare, a live camera from the barn so that you can see everything! So, you might see the mare give birth! I just thought that would be cool for you all. : )

Click "mare stare" on the page to see the live viewing.

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  1. Infamy is really nice, but I really like Declaration of War too.


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