Wednesday, January 22, 2014

More New Traditional's

.....Breyer Horses!

 SBH Phoenix
SBH Phoenix~ Trad. Scale. Wintersong mold...So getting this guy!

 SBH Phoenix
(the real Phoenix).

Frankel~Trad. Scale~Smarty Jones Mold
(the real Frankel).

 GVF Sjokolade
GVF Sjokolade~Trad. Breyer~ "Henry" Mold

 GVF Sjokolade
(The real GVF Sjkolade).

And some more Breyer Trads. who aren't Portraits...
 Mú Wén Ma
Mú Wén Ma~ Woodgrain horse~American Saddlebred stallion mold. (Remember this mold, Mimi? My first traditional someone :) bought me was in this mold). 

 Chinese Year of the Horse
Chinese Year of the Horse~Espirit mold. 

 Let's Go Riding-English
Lets go riding English set. I personally do not like this horse. He is a older mold, and is therefore not very conformation savvy.

 Let's Go Riding-English
..See what I mean??

 Let's Go Riding-Western
Lets Go Riding~Western Set. I don't mind this horse as much...but I (personally) wouldn't select him to be in my collection.
 Let's Go Riding-Western
..But of course, many Breyer horses I have said "no" to online have just swept me off my feet when I see them in stores!!

I will (hopefully) see you all very soon!


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