Thursday, July 17, 2014

Story Of The Horse: Dakota and Flint

I know that I usually only talk about my Traditional's....but I have other sizes too! So, today I decided to write about my newest Classic sized foal, Dakota and his old friend, Flint. I got Dakota on December 26th,  last year. He came in a set with my rearing Classic mustang, Alamo. He is not LSQ, due to some minor masking issues, over-spray, and dark scratches. I was a little disappointed  about that...but he is a great addition to the herd anyway.

I also bought him for another reason. The first Classic foal I ever owned was a grey foal in Dakota's mold. You might recognize his name....Flint. 

Yes, that is right. Flint is part of the Cloud's Legacy set made in 2005. I got him at Christmas when I was eight years old. At that age I bought Breyer horses for play......not for showing. I have never seen more rubs on any other horse.  Flint stays on my shelf as a memento from my 'early years' of model horse collecting.   



  1. The sentimental models are the best. :) I love my Flint too, even though he has decided to try to fly many a time off of my shelves.

  2. My Flint is a very spunky one also. I don't now how many times he has fallen down stairs, shelves, beds and so forth. :)


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