Sunday, July 20, 2014

Riding Rusty Part 2

Even though I have ridden Rusty more than twice, I have only posted about him two times.  I am sorry about that.

Yesterday I went over to Mrs. June's to ride Rusty. I worked on my posture, and did very well! I have bad muscle memory, and so I am fixing it. I also got to do all of the trot variations he knows. My favorite is the collected and extended trot. So fun!

Ah, isn't he just beautiful?

 I started off with some ground work. He had just been taken off of the pasture, and he thought it was feeding time. So he was (at first) acting like well..a sassy little fella (remember, he is only four years old).
But he calmed down a lot after we had done some groundwork.

Then I got on......

Ignore my facial expression. :)

...and did some exercises on the lunge line to loosen my body up. It worked, because I rode the best yet!

I also trotted. While the canter is my favorite gait, the trot also makes me very happy. It makes me really love riding.

See!? I smile the whole time I ride. 

Turning in a teardrop circle.  

 Mrs. June showed me how to do a collected trot.....

...and I tried it. Your movement has to be more exaggerated because he is young and still learning, as you can see in the pictures below.

It was a lot of fun. I can't wait to ride him again! Thanks, Mrs. June! 


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