Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Last Of Them

If I am correct, Breyer just announced the last models going up for auction this afternoon. I really wish I was going to Breyerfest (someone pick me up a Platinum Star and Champagne Wishes!) but I am not going this year. I am happy for everyone who is going, though. Have fun!

7/2/14 announcement
Photo: Today’s #BreyerFest Live Auction Countdown Piece is Lot 16, a Woodgrain Cleveland Bay (mold 703)!
Woodgrain Cleveland Bay

7/3/14 announcement
Photo: It’s the Countdown to BreyerFest!  Lot 22 of the BreyerFest Live Auction is the Proud Arabian Mare (mold 215) in Pearly Dapple Grey!
Pearl grey PAM.

7/4/14 announcement
Photo: Happy Independence Day! Lot 23 of the Breyerfest Live Auction is a Fighting Stallion (mold 31) Glossy Grullo Extensive Blanket Appaloosa.  This model is also the Sunday Raffle Model!
Join us at BreyerFest 2014 from July 11-13!
Fighting Stallion in a Grulla Appy Color. Note: This is also the Sunday raffle model.

7/5/14 announcement
Photo: We are so close to BreyerFest! Lot 28 of the BreyerFest Live Auction is a blue roan model on the Wyatt mold (730)!
Blue Roan Wyatt.  *Nice*!

7/6/14 announcement
Photo: Next up in the BreyerFest Live Auction is Lot 17, the BreyerFest 25th Anniversary Silver Grullo Pinto on the Silver mold (#574)!
Silver in a Silver Grulla Pinto color. SWOON (Notice the 25 on his side)?

7/7/14 announcement
Photo: Lot 4 of the #BreyerFest2014 Live Auction is a blood bay pinto on the Adios mold (#50)!
Adios in a Bay Pinto.

7/8/14 announcement
Photo: The Countdown continues!  Lot 15 of the #BreyerFest2014 Live Auction is a Bay Roan Pinto on the Newsworthy mold (#714).
Bay Roan Pinto in the Newsworthy mold.

7/9/14 announcement
Photo: Lot 2 of the #BreyerFest2014 Live Auction is dapple metallic dun with primitive leg striping on the Ruffian mold (#597).
Dun with striping in the Ruffian mold.

7/10/14 announcement
Photo: Lot 1 of the #BreyerFest2014 Live Auction is a Star Dapple Pinto with four white socks on the Gypsy Vanner mold (#723)! Stunning! See you tomorrow at #BreyerFest 2014!!
Star Dapple Pinto in the Gypsy Vanner Mold.

Which has been your favorite?

Arab could almost touch it

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