Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cross-Cantering Models

I know of some people who don't know what a cross canter, a left lead, or a right lead is. I have had a hard time noticing different leads on real and model horses myself. One time I photo showed my Classic sized Quarter Horse mare, Bleau Angel and the judge sent me a note saying that while I had a pretty good setup, my horse was facing the wrong direction for the lead she was in, so she didn't/couldn't place. After I realized how important it was to have the horse facing the right direction to the lead it is going in, and  how penalized your setup can be with a cross-cantering model, I have decided to write a blog post showing you all of the cross-cantering Breyer models, so that you can avoid them if you are planning to show, or photo show your model.
Arabian mare cross-cantering
 Cross-cantering Breyer Models. 
Note:  Real horses generally cross-canter when playing, in pain, incorrect training, inexperience, or weakness of the back. A cross cantering horse is considered a fault when showing. It is also uncomfortable for the rider and typically, the horse. 
Breyer Black Beauty -Right lead in front legs, Left lead in back legs

Running Stallion-Right lead in front, Left lead in back
Ginger-Left lead in front, Right lead in rear
Cantering Stock Horse-Left Lead in front, Right lead in back.

Cantering Foal-Right lead in front, left lead in rear.
I hope this is helpful in identifying your cross-cantering models. 

Note: Pictures are from Identify Your Breyer. 


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