Monday, July 21, 2014

Demeter: The Next (And Last) Greek Goddess!

I didn't want this to be the last one. I really liked posting about these beauties!
However, all good things come to an end. Demeter is the last of the Greek Goddess series. :(

I have noticed a lot of people liking the Demeter model. However, I am just not feeling it. Demeter....Harvest  Goddess. I don't see the "harvest" look....a dun or palomino paint would have fit nicely in the Marabella mold. Demeter's paint reminds me of rain and storm clouds.I must say, just can't go wrong with her beautiful face!

Note: Breyer had a little typo. Demeter is the goddess of harvest, but Gaea is the goddess of earth. Another reason Demeter should have been painted a color resembling her nature!

I express all good luck to those who are wishing to complete the Greek Goddess collection!

Just for laughs.....

I think Demeter should have looked like this.....

Morgan Family mare-produced 2006
Breyerfest Live Auction model 2012
What do you think?


  1. She's beautiful! Wixom has such a sweet face, and I love the dapple grey paint job. I do agree that she doesn't really seem "harvest" themed, though.

  2. Yes, I was surprised that they didn't lean more towards a palomino colored mare for Demeter. Oh well.


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