Saturday, August 9, 2014

Round Pen Extension/Rosie the Flirt

Today was a big day.

Our John Lyon's round pen was extended. When we first put it up the round pen we couldn't fit five panels in because of the trees and hilly areas around it. So today, my dad and our neighbor moved dirt and leveled out the round pen area so that the extra five panels could fit.

Yay! Now all of the panels but one fit in.

One the other hand.....
When Rosie comes into season, she goes nuts. Our neighbors brought their gelding down from Michigan last month, and since last week Rosie has gone crazy. She paces in the pen, whinnying to him, and won't eat her food so that she can watch him out in the pasture. She will gallop along the fence line when she is out in the pasture, and will kick Half Pint (even though Rosie is lower on the totem pole) if she gets to close to Vegas (the gelding).

This afternoon he was out again after Rosie and Half Pint got their bathes.....

.....and she was at it again. It is actually very amusing.


  1. Oh my gosh! The pony is absolutely adorable!!! <3

    1. Thank you. She is my pride and joy. I love her so much.


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