Thursday, August 21, 2014

More Models!

Magnum's Firecracker isn't the only new horse added to my collection of ever-growing Breyer horses. Today I made a trip to Walmart and Murdoch's and ended coming home with new models.

I really wanted this pretty gal for quite some time. I had never gotten her because of her "lazy" eye's. It was between Snowman, Secretariat, Sam, or the Grulla Pinto, but I decided on the Pinto mare and foal at Murdochs because my birthday is in ten days and I will probably get the Grulla Pinto and Sam then. 

It turns out that the Pinto Mare actually has really good shading, coloring, without over-spray, or bubbles over the paint. I was very happy I got her. I think I might name her "Sheza Flawless Baby." 

She will be up on "My Show String" later today, along with her foal. 

The little colt has a few flaws, but he is better than some of the other ones I saw!

I have wanted this model and mold for about a year now. I finally got him, only to buy him and take him out of the package and see....

....A LOT of flaws. It looks like he has dirt all over his one side. I hope a good washing in soap water will take care of that. ;)

I think I may need to start a "My dogs" page soon. I bought a Aussie and Golden Retriever puppy at Walmart. They can now go join my Dalmatian, Saint Bernard,Wolf,  and Husky on the shelf. I am going to get the German Shepherd and Golden Retriever mommy in a few days.


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