Saturday, August 2, 2014

Not Planned....

I don't collect Schleichs. I have a few very rubbed ones for my younger sisters to play with, but I don't have many. But today while I was shopping for some special twine for my rope halters, I stumbled across a shelf full of Schleichs. I grabbed a husky and a wolf, planning to use them for my MEPSA performance scene entry, but then something caught my eye at the very bottom of the shelf. There was the most beautiful, flawless Schleich horse I have ever seen. I bought her immediately.

His face is a little neurotic, but that is okay. 

Scale is perfect for the scene I am thinking of!
On the other hand.......

I have started a Rope Halter giveaway. It will include six rope halters, in assorted colors. Two made for big Traditional's, two made for medium traditional's, and two for a small traditional. I bought some nice twine that looks and feels just like rope (that is in scale to the model)! They are very realistic. Please enter!
Light blue-Medium Sized Traditional
This halter is in the giveaway!



  1. You take very lovely pictures! Any chance you have some tip?

  2. I like to use a lot of angles in my photography. I think it adds more edge to the photo. I try to take pictures in full shade, or in full sun. I stand back, then zoom in close. It helps the object you are shooting look like it is the biggest part of the picture, without many background distractions. Watch out for bad lighting! Hope this helps!


  3. Sorry for not commenting in forever! I had tried to follow your blog by email before but it wasn't working, hopefully I'll get emails now through your giveaway! :-)

    Anyway, I have a nice size collection of Schleich figures, I love photo showing them!

  4. Yes, they are fun! If you want to be a follower, copy my link, go to your blogger page. Click "add blogs", and then boom! you are a follower! I hope this helps.

    Maybe I will start collecting ones, of course. :)

  5. Great post! How do we enter for the giveaway?

    Also, are you entering the MEPSA show this month, because I am! :)
    Do you know how much in advance they want entries mailed in? Thanks a bunch! :)

    1. Are you doing Novice or Open? I have graduated to open, but if you are first starting, I would highly suggest doing Novice. The competition is VERY TOUGH in open, with many, many horses (50-100+) in one class.

      They would like the entries mailed in about one-two weeks ahead of time. You don't want to email the judge asking if they can put the show on hold for your package to arrive! (Trust me, I have had to do it before).

      You enter the giveaway my putting in your name and email. Then you can either become a follower (which gives you five points) post a comment (which gives you three points) or you can do both. Tada! you are entered in the giveaway.You can click the "leave a blog post comment" because you already have commented. Have a nice day, and enjoy the giveaway!


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