Tuesday, August 26, 2014

On A Roll

I have made 20 rope halters in the past two days. I am preparing for a Live show I might go to (my first one!), my birthday is this upcoming Monday (September 1st), and I hope to get three or four new Traditionals in (hopefully) mint or factory mint condition so that I can show them.

 I am on a roll.

I now have six colors I am using for my rope halters. Black, Brown, Tan, Pink, Blue, and Dark Purple. I have Silver and Gold clasps. The next time I go to the store I am going to get Slate colored clasps and more thread colors. 

On the other hand......

I think Magnum's Firecracker likes his new abode. On my dresser. In my ten year old barn. 
Happy boy!


More about my birthday, the live show, Firecracker's new house, and more later!


  1. Love this model! He is the one I chose as my first Breyer last year for my 13th. Brilliant name by the way :) Still haven't thought of one for mine yet!

    1. Oh! You need to find a name for him! I really enjoy that model too. He is very photogenic and pretty.


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