Friday, August 22, 2014

Fun With Dogs

Today I took some pictures of some of my models (Dexter, Ashani*, Firework, Bleau Angel. and Magnum's Firecracker) meeting the new dogs I bought yesterday for the first time. I found all the photo's very sweet and cute. I hope you do too!

*Ashani is Ashka's daughter. Ashani will be showing in MEPSA in place of Ashka this season.
Dexter with Shiloh

Ashani and Chloe

Dexter with Shiloh and Chloe

Ashani and Shiloh

Magnum's Firecracker with Chloe

Ashani with Chloe and Shiloh

Bleau Angel with Chloe

Ashani with Chloe

Magnum's Firecracker with Risa

Bleau Angel with Chloe

Firework with Chloe

I may do a few posts today. I have a lot to talk about!

Be sure to check the doggies new page!

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