Monday, August 11, 2014


I am sure I have told you that my favorite horse color is the Grulla Pinto/Paint. If you recall in this post I pretty much raved on how much I loved the color. Anyway, I happened to have a Grulla etchie I was working on. I finished her etching last week. I have glossed her eyes, hooves, nostrils, and ahem....feminine parts. She is fully mapped. All I have to do is seal her. I am glad to announce the new arrival of my herd......Moonshine!

I hope to have Calypso, Sherbet, and Untitled Name done this week. Sherbet is staring at me from his shelf in agony...I think he is next! :)

On the other hand, MEPSA has just announced that the Championship show book is going to print and all entrants should get their boxes of ribbons, results, championship show book, and the prizes will be here in the next two weeks!


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