Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I found this today.


Please help these horses! Sign the petition!


  1. Oh my god, that's horrible! I continue to be amazed by the depths of evil that people can sink to. There are so many cases of animals, but it seems horses in particular, suffering from abuse at the hands of sick people like the ones that petition is fighting. It's just baffling. I mean, why would anyone look at a horse, a beautiful, intelligent, graceful, gentle horse and want to torture it?

    I know I went on a mini-rant, but this is a subject that has a lot of personal emotion tied up in it. My own beautiful, talented, loveable horse nearly ended up in a slaughterhouse. He raced when he was young and then got passed around from place to place until he ended up in a really bad situation. Fortunately, a girl who runs a horse rescue saved him and he came to me not long after. I still can't believe that, had things gone a little differently, my sweet, talented dressage horse (who I can also ride bareback and bridleless) might have met such a terrible fate. Awareness needs to be raised about issues like this. Thank you very much for posting this article!

    1. You are welcome!
      I feel the very same way. Who could harm a beautiful, gorgeous creature? I felt sick to my stomach reading about the petition.
      I am looking into buying a rescue horse as well. :)

      I am still shocked at how evil humans can be towards innocent animals.


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