Friday, August 22, 2014

MEPSA 2014 Championship Show Results

While I don't have the MEPSA box of prizes and awards yet, I saw the MEPSA book with the results available from Lulu as a PDF for 10 dollars, so I decided to go ahead and buy it. However, my dad had to buy it, and he was on vacation with my mom for their Anniversary, so he bought it and tried to send it via email to me. It didn't work. So I got the brilliant idea of having the Novice results copied to document word, then sent down to me. Some of the pages were cut off and a little hard to read, but I read it.

Maybe I shouldn't have.

It seems as if the judge was the tiniest bit "in favor" of one shower (granted, her photos were great). She got Overall Grand Champion, Reserve Champion Halter, AND Overall Grand Champion, Reserve Champion Performance PLUS Overall judges choice! While I was happy for her....I was a little disheartened. I was crying after I read the rest of the results.

5th place Stallion, 8th place STOCK (He is gaited)
6th place Stallion, 9th pace ARABIAN/MORGAN (He is an appaloosa)
Reserve Champion Mare, Third place Sporthorse, 6th place head-study (I am very happy with this one)
7th place Mare, Champion Morgans (Ok, I am happy).
7th place Draft, 5th place Liberty (Remember how he won 1 Grand and 1 Reserve Grand in his first two shows)?
Reserve Champion Pony, 6th Place Western Trail
4th place Spanish
Snow White
8th place Gaited
3rd place Pony
Champion Foal, Champion Sporthorse

7th place Headstudy
Bleau Angel
8th place ARABIAN/MORGAN (she is a Quarter Horse), 8th place Western Pleasure.
10th place ARABIAN/MORGANS (He is an appaloosa)
Shasta Marie
6th place Western Pleasure
9th place Mare

I don't know what happened. How could my Stock horses be in the Arab class when they are clearly Appaloosa's or Quarter horses (it say's the breed on the back of the picture) and how could my obviously Gaited Saddlebred be in Stock? How could they place (very badly) in these classes? Why weren't they just DQ'ed from the class they didn't fit in? I am sure that I double-checked the classes to make sure I had the right ones for my horses before I sent the pictures to the show.....

I don't know if it was a misunderstanding of the book publisher, the judge, or me. However, I can't be angry. After all, another Championship Show will come, and I hope to kick butt then. On the bright side, I have always wanted the green-colored ribbon. :)

IMEHA, ABRA, Next season MEPSA and Live Showing, here I come!!!

One (or more) of every color!
NOTE: These are the Australian ribbon colors. I couldn't find an American colored ribbon picture! 


  1. I'm sorry your show didn't go quite as you had hoped! Were you showing in Novice or Open (just curious)? Is there any chance you can contact the judge to at least figure out what went wrong, even if it's too late to change the placings?

    1. I was in Novice. I am in Open (I graduated after the championship Show) now. I probably could....but it would just make me sad, probably. I might do it anyway...I am interested to know how my Appaloosa (Koda) placed in the Arabian class.

    2. Right? That is super weird. Honestly, the mistakes you describe all seem like such basic things that I'm not really sure how they could miss them!

      Speaking of MEPSA, I just entered my first ever photo show (MEPSA Novice Performance) this month. It went really well! I got mostly 1sts, 2nds, and 3rds, so I got quite a few horses qualified for the Championships. More excitingly, one of my horses won Reserve Grand Champion English Division, and another won Reserve Overall Grand Champion! I'm anxiously awaiting the return of my photos so I can see the judges comments and keep improving. :)

      Anyway, congrats to you for graduating to Open! If you eve feel like posting any of your past Performance or Halter pictures, I (and I'm sure many other people) would love to see them! :)

  2. Go to the "My show String" Page. Many of my Model's halter pictures are in their. It is a lot of fun to do MEPSA...however a little disappointing to not go with a "big bang' in my last year of Novice.


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