Monday, August 18, 2014

Calypso, Lemon and Collector's Horse

Calypso and Lemon are finished, and Untitled Name just needs three or four more white coats of paint and detailing then she will be completed. I have four Classic's, two SM's, and one Traditional also in need of paint. I may not get to them for a while, however. :)

Calypso has pinking, mapping everywhere, glossed hooves, ears, eyes and nostrils, plus a custom tail. She is done in acrylic's. She is sealed in a special Acrylic sealant. 

Lemon is a simple custom. She had some marks, so I painted white over them. I also glossed her ears, hooves, eyes, and nose. She has some pinking. I love her little snip! 
She is also sealed. 

By the way, "Lemon" isn't an official name for this filly. Any suggestions? I would love them!

On to another topic of interest.....

Tesoro De Oro

Today I found the next Collector Club model, to be shipped in late November. He is in the Laredo mold, and limited to 1000. Tesoro De Oro is supposed to be a Lusitano. Beautiful coloring! I am finding him on MH$P for pre-order for 80-140 dollars. I have to keep reminding myself that I am saving for another horse!

 May all of you have the best of luck in getting him!

Ad photo/image


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