Monday, June 30, 2014


......Imaginary tack, that is!

Today I was going to do a "Story of the Horse" post, but I decided to try my hand at painting tack on the pictures using the "paint" gadget on nearly every computer. I think Trooper and Paintball really like the new rope halters......

 Purple solid.

Street Smart looks nice in his new western set....

......And Paintball thinks that his new western one-ear bridle is just stunning!

Hehehe. Until I can buy a lot of (real) Traditional tack, I will just paint the imaginary tack on them instead! :)


  1. If you are ever looking to buy affordable tack, I'm thinking of selling some. Nice drawings though, they look pretty real!

    1. Thanks! If you ever sell any of you tack, be sure to tell me, and I will check it out!


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