Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Stella Update/More Breyerfest!

Breyer has announced four more auction models while I have been absent from the category of models and in the world of getting a beautiful mare. I looked today at them, and they seem to really be favoring grey's for this Breyerfest!

6/15/14 announcement.

Oh My. I LOVE her! I don't have any models in this mold, and I just think is is stunning. If you have read this blog for a while, you know that I love almost any Paint or Pinto.

6/16/14/ announcement.

OK, please don't be mad, but I don't really prefer the vintage look. While I do like this mold, I like more "crispness" such that is in the newer painted models.

6/17/14 announcement.
First decorator model announced in this year's auction. I don't have any decorator models, but I do have one horse in this Ethereal mold (Noche Buena, 2012 Christmas horse) I really like him. I love the dynamic pose of this model, and the person who will get this boy will be very lucky!

Today's announcement.
STUNNING! her spots are very nice, and her shading is very good. She seems really glossed up. While I prefer Matte's, I think that she would fit very well into my (or anyone else's) model barn!

 Now on to Stella. 

I was having a hard time waiting for this woman's decision. Neither my mom or my dad thought that she would pay for a vet or chiropractic trip to fix Stella. I nearly cried a few times...

But, I decided to fully to put my trust in God, and see how things played out. 

I got am email a few hours later. 

"Hi, just a quick update. Wendy wants to move forward with the vet seeing Stella for body issues. However, can't get her scheduled for 2 weeks. "

 above: part of email from Mrs. Tia to me. 

I jumped up and down with excitement, tears starting to come. I ran upstairs and called my dad (who was helping a friend move. My mom was also their) and told him. He decided not to tell mom until I could tell her myself (she wouldn't pick up her phone). Then, I called Mrs. June who couldn't believe it. She told me that she had gotten an email from Mrs. Tia that morning, saying that woman didn't want the vet or Chiropractor out (she just probably didn't want to pay for it). 

I couldn't believe it!

Thank you, Lord. 

So, I still have a chance to get her after all!



  1. That's awesome! She looks like such a pretty mare(loooove her markings). :)
    I hope everything works out!

  2. Thanks! I really hope I get her. Things are looking good for her and I!


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