Tuesday, June 17, 2014

EA Sketched in Krome a.k.a "Stella"

HorseID: 1927275 EA Sketched in Khrome - PhotoID: 717380 -  2014-06-26 Days Left: 9

This past day has been very bittersweet.

The good thing is that I was offered a beautiful Arab mare, eight years old, with training and such. She is a very fast mare, but I love speed. Of course, I didn't think my dad would agree to allow me to view the horse and perhaps buy it. But, instead he and I dug seven post holes (two and a half feet deep)! and built a fence for the minis so they could stay in a separate pen from Stella. Plus, he agreed for me to see her, and buy her if possible.

 Anyway, yesterday I went to see her. Her owner doesn't want her anymore, because she didn't/doesn't like how fast she is. She also threw her head when trotting and cantering because she was in a dressage barn for a few years and they rode on a very hard bit and yanked her around. Stella wasn't really meant to be a dressage horse. However, she has completed 2nd level dressage.

She has been at a trainers barn for three months, because the owner wanted her at the barn for extra training. The head throwing had been pretty dissolved. The trainer (Mrs. Tia, I am sure I have mentioned her on this blog) also practiced natural horsemanship on her and she did/does great. I was just dying to see her.

So, I went with Mrs. June and mom to see her yesterday. Here she is from the field.
Pretty head!

Mrs. Tia came on over to the pasture and brought Stella to her indoor arena. Of course, Stella just had to roll.

Stella came right over to me after rolling and just stood their until Mrs. Tia showed us her ground work. She had the kindest eye that I had ever seen. She was so sweet. 

When Mrs. Tia picked up her carrot stick, Stella really powered up and got going!

Every time she came by me, she would throw her head and prance, like she was showing off. 

Mrs. Tia then showed me how she could walk over a tarp and board. 

Mrs. Tia went to go get the saddle and I did some groundwork.

She would come up to me when I stopped my ground work. It was very special.

Mrs. Tia tacked up.

However, she started to act up and kept on throwing her head in the air. She wanted to run, and she hadn't been like that, Mrs. Tia told me, since she first started training her. Then we started to see that she was dragging her back right leg like it was in pain. 

So we switched saddles to see if it would work better. 

She did better, but was still dragging her back foot and was still in pain. I decided not to ride her. I didn't want to get hurt. We felt her back and it seemed like some bones were out of place. She needs a chiropractor to fix that.

Now, here is the bad part. 

The owner doesn't want to pay for anything else for Stella, and if she was acting badly in the saddle because something really hurts her, then a chiropractic appointment would fix that. But if the owner won't pay for it, then we won't get her, and it may even be arthritis, not even an injury.   I am right now awaiting a call from  Mrs. Tia to hear what her decision is.  

Please keep me in your prayers. I really want her!



  1. Good luck - I hope things work out for you and Stella.

  2. Well, the good news is is that the owner has decided to pay for a vet to come out and check her for issues. The vet will be seeing her in two weeks. Yay!

  3. She is really pretty Alyssa. :) I hope everything works out.


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