Saturday, June 21, 2014

Rosie's Birthday/ New Pen/ No Stella

Hello everybody!

I am sorry I haven't posted in the past few days, but many things have happened. More will be posted about  my busy life later.

Yesterday was Rosie's birthday. She turned eleven. To celebrate, I decided to make her a nice bran mash. Of course, Half Pint had to enjoy it as well, so I also made some for her.

 Molasses, bran, carrots, apples, and warm water completed the yummy treat.
Waiting patiently.....well...kind of.

Rosie loved her bran mash. So did Half Pint!

Anyway, since I am getting a horse (though probably NOT Stella) soon, my dad and I have been working on a separate pen for the minis to stay in so that the horse will have the one that the minis are currently occupying.

 The new pen.
 This will be a 8x12 shelter for them. It will have dutch doors and one or two windows.
 The dutch door will be on the left side of this picture here.

Here comes the sad part of this blog post. 

I got a call from Mrs. June a few days ago. She told me that Mrs. Tia found Stella's injury record and was shocked. Stella has had injections in her hocks and chiropractic appointments, and last year even after injections and four chiropractic appointments, Stella still had lameness. So, long story short, she has major back pain because of her hock issues, and she (unless the upcoming vet apportionment mentions something else that we can do) is pretty much non ride-able without pain, and even though she could be put on painkillers, you could never guarantee that you could ride for a long period of time.  So, (unless the vet says something else) their is about a 90% chance I will NOT get Stella.

Oh well. I guess the horse hunt continues!




  1. It's too bad about Stella. And despicable that her current owner didn't reveal that to you. When I was about your age a friend of my parents offered to GIVE (as in free) her 12yo OTTB. MY parents were actually considering it until one day my dad came home from work and told me I wasn't getting the horse. Not due to the expense of keeping one, but because his owner had neglected to tell us about the horse's lameness and his unrideability. My dad had found out from another friend who also knew her and about the horse. It's awful that people would do that to a teenager who just wants a horse of her own. I'm sure your perfect horse is just around the corner, though.

  2. Thank you. I am now looking, and hopefully my goal is to have one by my birthday of this year! (September 1st).


  3. Hahaha. Yeah, I figured that's what you meant. That's a good goal and from the sound of your determination, one you'll reach. And you'll already have a stall ready for it so all is not lost. :)

  4. Thank you. I am working really hard at it. 500 more dollars to go! :)


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