Thursday, June 26, 2014

5 More

Hello everybody!
I am doing much better today (chicken-pox wise). The blisters are now scabbing, and only a few more pox's have popped up today on my legs, instead of my face or back. Hopefully they can be all healed by the time my family and I go on a vacation in the mountains for the 4th of July! I do have to mention, though that my little sister and my mom have now started to get chicken pox. However, it seems to be very slight.

Now to a more happy thought.

Breyer has announced five more auction models since I last posted about the subject. As you already know, I don't usually (even though some older models have caught my eye!) like vintage coloring's or vintage molds very much, but I really don't think I would mind this Espirit mold in vintage coloring announced today:

6/26/14 announcement.
Photo: The #BreyerFestCountdown continues! Lot 11 of the BreyerFest Auction is on the Esprit mold (717) in the Vintage Appaloosa Performance Horse Color Way!  Live Auction bidding takes place during BreyerFest at the The Kentucky Horse Park!

6/25/14 announcement.
Photo: Lot 19 of the BreyerFest Live Auction Countdown is a Bay Pinto on the Strapless mold (583)!
I don't have a Strapless mold yet, and this girl is just absolutely stunning!

6/24/14 announcement.
Photo: The next installment of the BreyerFest Live Auction Countdown is Lot 8, a Dapple Raven Black Icelandic (Mold 729).  This  dramatic model will be a wonderful addition to your collection!
I am anxiously awaiting for a regular run in this mold.

6/23/14 announcement.
Photo: Lot 14 of the BreyerFest Live Auction is a Glossy Black Blanket Appaloosa on the Proud Arabian Stallion Mold (#211).  We hope you’ll join us at the Live Auction, which takes place at BreyerFest on July 11!

I really like this model and color. The striped hooves are so nice!

6/22/14 announcement.

Photo: Today’s addition to the BreyerFest Live Auction Countdown is Lot 21, a Criollo Dapple Palomino Pinto with Roaning on the Destado mold (721).  

Your chance to bid on this model is at BreyerFest Silver Jubilee in Lexington, Kentucky!  Join us to celebrate the 25th anniversary of our annual celebration of everything we love about horses!


Have a great day!

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