Friday, June 27, 2014

Kimbia's Colorful Twin

The Breyerfest auction model announcement today looks strangely familiar. 

Photo: Get your Friday night fun started!  Bid on Lot 5 of the BreyerFest Auction, a Glossy Rainbow Cheetah model on the Smarty Jones mold (586) on Friday, July 11!

Remember the Big Cat Series I talked about in this post? The first Big Cat announced in the series is Kimbia. 

It looks like Kimbia and the auction model have the same markings. 
It seems as if Breyer wants Kimbia to have a colorful twin! What do you think about this? 



  1. Oh Breyer...they usually make beautiful horses, but sometimes they just make weird design choices. Then again, I never was really a fan of the whole "decidedly non-horse markings on horses" series. I was also definitely glad that I was sent the Pintaloosa version of the Rainbow Weather Girl (she's so beautiful) rather than the actual rainbow-colored one. Since I'm clearly not big on rainbow-colored or feline-patterned horses, it's probably not surprising that I don't care for "Kimbia's Twin." However, I'm also not a big Appaloosa fan and I think the Appy version of Salinero looks great!

  2. Same with me. I don't prefer appaloosa's as models or riding horses (because I had a bad experience with one, which of course, doesn't mean that they are all bad, but I just kind of avoid them) and I am surprised I like the Salinero. I don't really like decorator models at all, and personally I don't like Kimbia very much. He is nice and I could own him, but I wouldn't put him on display or..well, you know what I mean.


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