Friday, June 13, 2014

A Clean Barn

Yesterday I decided to clean the barn. I spent a total of FOUR HOURS straightening, dusting, sweeping, polishing, and pulling. But I loved it. :)

A Clean Barn. (Note: the flash was on for these pictures).

 Tack and cleaning room. Clean!

The tack-up area. Clean!

Miniature horse harness. 

I was so happy it was clean that I waited for my dad to get home from work for two hours. I sprinted to him the minute he rolled into the driveway, so I could show him my work. 

he was very pleased. 

I think the mini's are too. 

 Half Pint with my sister, Brooke.


Hopefully I will post about something model-horse related soon. 


  1. It looks SO good CBL! I was excited to hear you finally cleaned it ;)

  2. it wasn't clean before. :P
    I am going to keep it clean this time, too!


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