Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Story of the Horse: Loki

Here is another "Story of the Horse" blog post.

This is Loki

Last year when Loki was released, I didn't really want him because of his position and coloring. I am not usually a fan of grey Breyer horses, and this one I liked even less because of his rose grey coloring. In the picture on the website he just looked...dull. For me, they have to have that "glint" in the eye, even though they may just be models.  I didn't see that in him. 

However, on my birthday last year a made a trip to Murdoch's to get some Breyer Horses with my birthday money. Only few Traditional's were available, and out of them I chose Loki. At first he wasn't my favorite, but as time went on he grew on me. 

Because he is in a odd position he is hard to photo show in the sunlight. Somehow, I got a good one of him and he is now qualified for the Championship show. I am very excited to see how his results are in the Show! 



  1. I think he's a pretty horse and I like his coloring and position.

  2. I didn't at first, but now I am quite fond of him.


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