Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Story of the Horse: Street Smart

This is Street Smart. I got him for my tenth (or eleventh, can't remember) birthday. I actually picked him out myself. I was given money for my birthday, and I spent five hours looking at Breyer horses online. I liked the idea of getting Street Smart because he was part of a set that came with a doll, western saddle, hackamore bridle, and saddle pad. I didn't LOVE Street Smart himself, but because he came with everything, instead of getting something else, I bought him.

When I got Street Smart my Traditional collection was really low. He mostly just watched from above a dresser, watching me play with my rubbed Classics. However, when I got into MEPSA (and when my collection of Traditional's rocketed in numbers) I started to see him a little differently. He didn't place 1st-3rd in any of the shows I have entered him in the past few years, but he is no longer a shelf model overlooking my MEPSA winners and Grand Champions, but will be right alongside them, and even though he may not win any ribbons, he will always have a special place in my heart.  


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