Thursday, May 8, 2014

Taking "Heza" for a stroll.

Today I was going to take pictures for the final MEPSA show before the championship show. But today was extremely dreary and rainy, so I improvised and decided to just not worry about in scale background, but instead take some pictures with the green foliage of May. Heza Copper Cowboy was the attendee. I have been calling him "Heza" for short. I know that is kind of odd, because Heza, is short for "He's a", but it has stuck. So, lets get to the pictures!

 It seems that Heza wanted to see a friend (I went and got another horse for the "two horse" shots).


Best Friends Forever. 

I am sorry that this is a kind of....odd post, and that all of the scenes are incredibly out of scale, but I find it all still very beautiful. I guess it is better than no post at all!



  1. Nice Horses, CBL!

  2. Thank you very much!!! I just bought Heza last week.


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