Tuesday, May 6, 2014

New Models!!!!!!!!!!!

I told you that I was going to go on a horse buying spree. And four days ago I did just that....at one of my favorite places...Murdochs. Sadly OT Moniet was not at the store (who I was hoping for the most), but that is okay. I can always get her some other time! So, with out further ado, here are my new horses:

 Kitana a.k.a "Kat"~Quarter Horse mare.

Ummmm..don't quite know this guy's name or breed yet.

 Heza Copper Cowboy ~Quarter Horse stallion

My personal favorite......

He has even got striped hooves!!!

I don't know his name yet - he seems to be a hard one to find a name for. If you have a name, please post it on the "comments" section. Thanks! :D

 I can't wait for their appearance in the show ring! Till then!


P.S. I am sorry for the poor quality photo's. I will get some good ones in a few days.

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