Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mid-year Releases

So, I made the accident (again) of looking at my email, only to see a email from Golden Oak Stables. The Mid-year releases are now up for pre-order. Because I happen to be saving for my upcoming horse Stephano, I don't know if I will be able to buy any of them. But I might, because they are looking pretty fantastic!

Camila......ten inches tall at the ears!

Breyer Horses 2014 Classics Canterwood Crest- Take The Reins

Breyer Horses 2014 Classics Canterwood - ChasingBlue

Breyer Horses Flexible - World Cup Champion

Breyer Horses Harley D Zip - American Quarter Horse

Breyer Horses Weathermont Ethan - Champion Morgan

I am sorry for the poor quality photos. I hope to get better ones soon. I know that I am saving my money, but Harley will most likely be on my shelf in July. Till then!


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