Thursday, May 22, 2014

Riding Rusty

Hello everybody!

 So, yesterday I rode Rusty. I had been riding him up until recently. He had been doing some training in the saddle and the trainer training him wanted no one (except for Mrs. June) to ride him. But now he can be ridden by me, so yesterday I hopped on his broad back (with Mrs. June's permission) to show my Grandparents (who are visiting from Florida) what "I do." Here are some pictures from yesterday's ride:

Groundwork first. It was really windy and a storm was moving in at the time, so I was a little nervous. Even at the young age of four, he still has/had a incredible temperament and did great!

Mrs. June fixing my legs. For many years I rode the wrong way until Mrs. June came along. I am still working on my legs being in proper placement!

talking to my grandparents and Mrs. June.



..and cantering!!!

I had a great time, Mrs. June. Thank you for allowing me to ride him!!


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