Friday, May 9, 2014

Half Pint and Rosie Update seems that I haven't talked much about Half Pint and Rosie recently on this blog. I guess I will just tell you now!

So, last Sunday after church I decided (with my mom's and dad's permission) to go ahead and clip the left over winter hair off the mini's bodies. So I trooped over to Mrs. June's, who said that she would help me clip. It turns out that she was already out at the barn clipping her own mini, Tucker. So, we decided to make it a "Miniature Horse Spa Day." :)  Here are some pictures:

Rosie getting clipped. BIG difference!

 They also got a bath, but Rosie started to shiver really badly, so we put towels, a mini blanket, and a big horse blanket on her to get her warm. We also gave her hay. It worked.

 Half Pint got towels.


So, it turns out that Rosie was very thin because some other horse hogged the food during the winter (a.k.a. Half Pint). It is hard to tell what weight a horse is because of all the hair in the winter. But once she was clipped, we knew that she would be needing a lot of extra hay. Because she is thin, she has to wear a blanket or she will get too cold in the mornings and evenings.

 Today.... (remember, I clipped the mini's last week).

 I had to move them from the front pasture to the one in the back, so I took her blanket off to show you how she looks:

In a few weeks, the clip lines will go away and she will darken to her normal chestnut color. 

 It turns out that they wanted to eat instead of pose for pictures. 

 Half Pint is only half done, all of the clipper blades dulled before we could finish her. But we should be able to finish her soon.


All in all, they are super happy and are glad that when it is 80 degrees they aren't/won't be hot! :)



  1. Yes, they are adorable. I have gotten so used to their size that when I see a draft I think "Wow, those things are huge!"



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