Thursday, May 29, 2014

Story of the Horse: Paintball

Hello all! Every week I am going to a a "Story of the Horse" post. This first on one is about my first Traditional, Paintball.

This is Paintball.

I got him on my 7th birthday. I had been asking my Grandma Mimi to buy me a "Big Horse" for about two years. I already owned three Classics and one Little Bit horse, but I had not yet gotten the coveted Traditional model. I wrote out a list of which ones I wanted, and showed my mom. She told Mimi, who bought me Paintball. It came with the Saddlebred foal, but sadly two years ago the filly broke it's leg and now I can't find it. :( I lost the ribbon that came with the set a few months after I was given him. I loved Paintball, but because I didn't want him to get  "hurt" he stayed on my dresser for about four years. I couldn't figure out a name for him either.  

Fast forward a few years. I found out about MEPSA and  I decided to get him off the dresser and do a photo shoot for my first Novice show. He placed Reserve Champion in the first show. I was very proud. I somehow came up with the name Paintball and it stuck. 

One thing came to another, and Paintball placed eighth and third in the Championship show of my first year. This years he has placed third in Gaited and Stallion.  He is qualified for this year's Championship Show on the 15th of June. Wish him luck!!


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