Monday, March 28, 2016

Atz Update

Hello everyone!
I thought I would update you on Atz, since I know y'all are dying to see him. ;)

Atz is no longer a little puppy....he is a big puppy, almost triple his size from when we got him on January 18th.


Day after we got him
He still barks at the cats, but the cats fully protect themselves. 

He has got bunches of energy, and he is going to be a fantastic guard dog when he grows up...his bark is already very deep and he doesn't like to leave the house unless the whole family is with him.

His eye's have a bunch of expression-he is kind of like a puppy version of a Appaloosa.

He also really enjoys the horses!

I love our little Atz. Sure, he steals socks, and runs around with cardboard boxes and can be a pain in the rear, but I love him, and he is going to be a great dog one day. :)



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~CBL (Colorado Breyer Lover)