Wednesday, March 16, 2016

IMEHA Superior Champion

Catty Little Snazz is now a IMEHA Superior Champion! She has a total of 1129 points right now, and has won Overall Grand Champion 3 times since I entered her in October. 

Bleau Angel is also a IMEHA Superior Champion! At 1366 points, she has been the Division Champion 2 times. 

Seeing these results made me excited, and so I went out today and took Harley D Zip's show picture. I may retake it... I am not sure yet, but I am going to show him in the IMEHA as well. 

I do not love the dark near his face...but he is a dark faced horse so it made be hard for me to get some light on it. I like the background..I have been taking photos in different places on our property to find the best place to do model photography. I may try out a few more places, but for now I am happy with the picture. :) 


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  1. If you are horse owner, why not taking pictures with the real horses. These models are cute and adorable but seeing a real horse especially a champion horse would be something special.


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