Monday, March 14, 2016

Elska-Brick and Mortar Store Special

Hello, Everyone!!

I would like to introduce you to my new model, Elska.

Elska was the 2015 Brick and Mortar Store Special, with only 3000 models made, I have had Elska in my "want" list since I saw her, but I decided to wait. 

Two days ago I went to the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo, and I saw one of her available for sale in the early morning. I told myself that if she was still available when I was going to leave the Expo,  I would buy her. I spent the rest of the day watching clinics and Colt Starting and buying lots of food. After spending over 8 hours at the Expo it was time to leave, and so I walked buy the vendor that had her for sale and guess what!? the same model was there. 

You can guess what happened next. ;)

Bad picture but look at the dapples!!

This little mare is beautiful. She really is a small Traditional, being about the same height as the Flash mold. She has huge hooves, and a stunning mane and tail. 

One negative thing I have to say about this mold is that it has a poor, small hip. The neck in proportion to the hip does not quite match, but nonetheless it is still a photogenic model. 

The Elska I bought has two small flaws on it's mane and a little dark streak on it's hip. The dapples on this mare are beautiful, and I am very happy to see that Breyer's quality control has really improved. 

If you are interested in the Elska model, I highly suggest that you buy her. She is a very nice piece to add to the collection!


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  1. So beautiful!!!!! I love it... This is my blog... not very good...


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