Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Secretariat and Harley D Zip

Hello Everyone!!

How was your Holiday season?
 I am back in school....with a cold. Luckily I am getting over it and it should be gone in a few days. Anyway, last year I tried to get models that I really wanted/have wanted for a long time instead of buying any model available. I have mentioned before that I wanted Harley D Zip and Secretariat, and I decided that these two were at the top of the list for me to buy.  They happened to both be at Murdochs right after Christmas, and they were both good looking models, so I got them. 

I have not done much of any model horse photography in the past few months. I am not as involved with the model horse hobby as I was before..maybe it is because I am busy with Ollie and the rest of the life outside of horses. But I still have the model horse bug and I had to buy them this year just as much as last year. :D

Secretariat is really just a beautiful model. I do not have many cantering/galloping horses so I was glad I got him. He is pretty much LSQ besides a tiny chip on his ear. His markings are clean and crisp. His color is beautiful against the snow, and he is quite photogenic. 
I think if I were to suggest a model for beginner photographers, it would be Secretariat. 

As you can probably see, I got a darker Harley D Zip. He actually fell of this fence post, but luckily the snow broke his fall and he suffered no breaks or chips in the paint. He is also close to LSQ (more LSQ than Secretariat) and has the most adorable face!

I am really excited to add these two to my show string, and I am even more excited to do some photography when it warms up! 



  1. I love that sec! I was only goign to buy 3 models this year but Sec may just make it 4. Haha! Glad you got them.

    1. I am too! I think that Sec is a great buy. I highly recommend him!


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