Sunday, November 8, 2015

Riding with Mrs. June

Hello everyone!

Today Ollie, Billie, my mom and I all were trailered (well, we rode in the truck...the horses were trailered) by Mrs. June to her house where she has a big track and 35 acres. We worked on lots of stuff, like flying lead changes, passing horses on the rail, the cloverleaf pattern, collection, bending....etc. I also saw Rusty again, who was the horse I learned the start of my Natural Horsemanship with. I thought y'all would probably enjoy some pictures, so here you go!

"Mommy wait! Let me pose for the camera! 1, 2, 3....tongue!!!"

Mom and Billie Jean

Ollie and I trotting. 

Trot race!! 

In sync. 

Canter Collection-after only his 2nd day doing this I think he did really well! 

Random Saddle picture

Ollie and Rusty

I have a few more exciting things to tell you, but they will have to wait!! :D STAY TUNED!


Do you think I should still post about Ollie on this blog as well as Ollie's actual blog? Let me know in the comments! 

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