Monday, October 26, 2015

I Got A Foalzilla

It happened. 

I never thought I would get this model....mostly because she is just so huge. 

Oh well, when I see a good deal on Amazon, I have got to take it. 
Two days ago, I paid 28 dollars for the "Foalzilla", Camila. 

Amazon has some really good shipping when you are a prime member (unlike Breyer) and within two days the box arrived.

Yes, I also got the 2015 Horse Of The Year for a photo show I am hosting, and some makeup. 

I got the most common variation, which I was actually excited about. I love red dun paints (hint, hint BOBBY JO!) and I was crossing my fingers to get this variation of the three different types the model came in. 

This filly is a BIG gal. I have seen many photos and YouTube videos on the model but I never imagined how BIG she is! 

OT Sara Moniet is a small Traditional model, and I would have gotten another model out but I just wanted to photograph the two of them. 

"Why are you so tall??"

All of the foal sizes (except the Mini Whinnies), going from Stablemate, Classic, Traditional, to Camila. 

Anyway, this gal needs a name. Have a suggestion? Comment below!! 



  1. She's lovely. I adore her cheeky, sticky-out tongue XD

    I think it would be fun to name a Camilla 'Big Baby' (well, she IS a big baby) :). Her stable name could be 'Babe'.

  2. I love my foalzilla. I actually ordered all three the second I found out about her. I wish they'd make more in new colors but alas I suspect she's going to not be around much. I always seem to love the oddities :). I love the "dun" names...Shez Dunnit, Gone N Dunnit, Up N Dunnit, Dun N Rosies. LOL. Feel free to use any.

  3. I adore my foalzilla as well! I got her back in March for 29 dollars off of amazon. I have the same one as you have, but not nearly as dark with the shading. I named mine May, just because she is a springtime filly :) And, where I live, it doesn't feel like spring until May!


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