Monday, October 5, 2015

She Came!!

After waiting over two weeks (and from what I have heard that isn't too long..Breyer is notorious for bad shipping) OT Sara Moniet RSI came! She is beautiful and quite possibly one of my favorite molds. She has some minor rubs on her tail and her mane, and a very small beginning rub on her hindquarter, but she is pretty "clean" otherwise. I am so hooked on the mold that I am already considering the thought of buying Smoke. Here are a few pictures, I am sorry that they aren't the usual quality of my other photos, but I was rushing and the lighting isn't the best outside right now.

I think why I like this mold in particular is that she is very "feminine" in her face and she is very elegant throughout her whole body. Breyer is ruled by Stallions and Geldings, so it is good to see a very "womanly" model being sold as a regular run! :) 

QOTD: Do you have OT Sara Moniet RSI? Do you have Smoke? Do you like her?

P.S. She needs a name!! If you all could help me out with that it would be great! Just comment below your thoughts. :)



  1. Have you ever seen Pride and Prejudice? I think her name should have something to do with that because the whole movie is very elegant and the girls are all nice and proper just like she is :) like Mrs. Darcy or Jane or something. haha

    1. I love that movie! Yes that sounds like a really good idea!!! I think I will do that. Thank for a suggestion!


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