Sunday, February 7, 2016

Atz Update: 11 Weeks

Hello Everyone!

Excited for the Superbowl?  I am so ready for it that I am blogging this to pass some time before the kickoff.

Is time usually this slow?!

Anyway, today marks three weeks of owning Atz. He is 11 weeks old now, and is a big, happy boy who has a bunch of energy. He is/was more playful than Risa was at this age, as well as smarter. Of course, being true to the Hovawart breed he sometimes acts ignorant.

"What!!? You said NOT to eat the shoe!!?"

Yes. No not eat the shoe.

*Atz drops the shoe and grabs a sock*



I just took a sock from him in this picture. 

Atz is also klutzy, sometimes forgetting where his feet are and tripping all over himself. It is very amusing to watch, and he does not seem to mind falling at all!

He sleeps in funky ways. :) 

Look at that face. He is going to be a very good guard dog one day!

Now, off to the couch to wait impatiently for the Superbowl!! #GoBroncos #UNITEDINORANGE

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  1. Good luck! I don't watch football, but I understand the passion that comes with watching sports. (Like NASCAR...#24ever)


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