Wednesday, September 23, 2015

IMEHA Champion!

Bleau Angel is the first of my horses to get the "IMEHA Champion" award.

Bleau Angel

She currently has 521 points, and has been showing in 3 classes for only a few months.

Catty Little Snazz, my QH Don't Look Twice mare, got Division Champion and Overall Grand Champion beating over 1156+ horses last month!

Catty Little Snazz

Big Shining Chex has been only entered in one class for 5 months because I have been forgetting to enter him in more. He has 174 points. 

Ranka has just been entered in some classes this month. 

So is Sheza Autumn Storm.....

Midnight Tango...



...and others. I will keep you updated on all of my models winnings! Stay tuned for new updated model pictures as well. :) 


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