Sunday, April 12, 2015

My Lesson With Mrs. Tia/Canter Transitions

Happy Sunday, everybody!!

Mrs. Tia came over Friday afternoon. She showed me some awesome stuff that I needed to do, plus she tweaked some things that I was doing wrong. Sadly I didn't get any pictures of the groundwork part (it was a two hour lesson) but my mom got back home just in time to get some pictures of the riding half. Mrs.Tia thought that Ollie might have a bit problem so he went bridle-less and we just used the halter and lead rope. I didn't think he would be very respectful without his bit because he can have a VERY. HARD. MOUTH, but with the halter he was so soft and never gave me any trouble, so it makes me think that the bit really was the problem. We also used Mrs.Tia's endurance saddle because it would fit her better than my saddle. Mrs. Tia is 5'10" and the saddle I have is meant for short, small people like me....I am 5'3".

At first he tested her and was a little resistant....

..but then he realized that he wasn't about to get away with anything and straightened out quickly. 

Then I got on and Mrs. Tia instructed me from the ground. YAY!! I really wanted to get into the saddle again after being off of it for about two months except, for that one time he bucked me off a month ago. 

We worked on a lot of walk, trot, canter, halt, and back up transitions. 
 A normal transition was 7 walk steps, 15 trot steps, 3 canter steps, 15 trot steps, 7 walk steps, halt, back up, etc.

Pretty Boy

Ollie and me with my horse helmet hair. ;)
I was sooo happy after the lesson with Mrs Tia!! He was SO respectful and soft. I also got him to move his back-end (hip), and front end (shoulder) from the saddle which he has never done with me without resistance. I was overjoyed! I still am. :D 

Anyway, yesterday afternoon I set out to ride Ollie again. With a halter,which in the horse world, is a big deal, plus LOTS of trot/canter, canter/halt transitions (just because I like the canter a lot).

I did a lot of groundwork first to see where his mind was at, then hopped on (literally). I did a lot of walking, and trotting transitions before these photos..but eventually it all became trot/canter, canter/walk transitions. 

What? ME?

Portrait Shot 

He was still pretty soft, and much more respectful. I am sure the groundwork helped out a lot with that. Our relationship has improved drastically and we have bonded so much in the past month. I am so thankful I have Ollie as my horsey partner and friend and that he isn't push button. I have (and will continue) to learn from him and become a better overall horse-person.



  1. He looks wonderful! So glad he's finally gaining respect for you! How do you become a Pat Pareilli instructor?

    1. That is a very long question..too long for this comment however, here is a link to his site that will inform you much better than I can! :)

  2. That portrait shot is so beautiful! Who doesn't love horses!?

  3. Such a cool horse! I don't think my pony and I could do just halter work, he's very bit oriented guy.

    1. Haha thanks. :) A lot of horses are bit oriented, and that is totally fine. :D


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