Thursday, January 1, 2015

All In A Year (2014 Breyer Collection)

Tucker this morning

Hello, everybody!!
I will not be blogging much (only once a week) for a while. Just a heads up to stay with me and let you know that I have not forgotten this blog!! :)

My Christmas was GREAT, and I got a lot of new model horses.  I now have a grand total of 105 models, (!) and I am starting to run out of space. :(

Here are all of the models I have aquired ownership of this year:

SnowFoxx-Birthday Breyer (September 2014)

FoxxFire-Birthday Breyer (September 2014)

Heza Cosmic Storm-August 2014 

Sheza Autumn Storm-August 2014  
Midnight Foxx-Birthday Breyer (September 2014) 

Costette (Mavis) -Christmas Breyer (December 2014)

Snickerdoodle-Birthday Breyer (September 2014) 
Kharamel-Misc. Buy (December 2014)

Kahlua-Birthday Breyer (September 2014) 
Calypso-CM by me  
Moonshine-Etchie by me 
Stetson-Christmas Breyer (December 2014)

Phoenix-January 2014 

Ranka-Misc. Buy (December 2014) 
Magnum's Firecracker-Trade  
Encore/Ballou ( January 2014)
Kripton Kismet (May 2014) 
Shining Chex (July 2014)

Topsails Copper Cowboy (May 2014)

Random Stablemates. 

Stablemate I got for Christmas (No name yet).  
Kitana (May 2014) 

Classic I got as a misc. buy in December 2014 (no name yet). 

Classic I got as a misc. buy in December 2014 (no name yet). 

Classic I got as a misc. buy in December 2014 (no name yet). 


Chestashire (May 2014)

Stablemate I got for Christmas (No name yet).  

MEPSA award (August 2014)

CM etchie by me. Now officially owned by me this year (used to be
my sisters).  
Stablemate I got for Christmas (No name yet).  

So, those are all of the models I got just this year. So many!!!

Also, Ollie and I are very, very versatile. I bought an English Saddle at the beginning of December, and with some of my Christmas money I bought the bridle, pad, stirrups, and stirrup leathers. Yay!!
Now, we can do both Western and English.

Happy New Year!!!


  1. Happy New Year to you! I love Ollie's saddle and blanket! Where did you get them?

    1. I bought the saddle from a friend, and I got the saddle pad at Dover Saddlery. Thanks!!

  2. Happy New Year! You and Ollie look so cute together!

  3. Wow! So many breyers!!! I got a grand total of 2 this year. Lol Ollie looks so nice in his new tack. Are you still planning to show in the spring?

    1. Yes, I am planning to show him this upcoming spring and summer in English events. :)

  4. Happy new year! You two look great!


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