Monday, December 22, 2014

Countdown To Christmas (Day 4,3)

I snowed again. So, I just had to get some pictures of some of my models. I also found the new greatest place to photograph my models-my dad's hot tub. With the cover over it it creates an in scale, and straight horizon. Perfect for taking those snowy winter pictures! These are my favorites. The lighting wasn't the best and some of the pictures are darker than I would prefer. But, when I either go edit them or retake the photo's  during a different time of day I will post them here.

SnowFoxx and Sheza Autumn Storm

They look so cute together!!!!

P.S. Happy Winter to you all!!! 


  1. They do look cute together! I would have never thought that a hot tub was the best place to take pictures. :)

    1. I didn't either! I was walking by to feed the horses and then I saw it and I was like "Oh my, I can use this to photo show."

  2. Wow this is a pretty cute couple!


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